Why use magnetic lashes?

Today, let’s take a look at magnetic eyelashes (aka strips, reusable, pairs, falsies and many more), and what’s their advantages compared to more ‘’traditional’’ eyelash extensions.

First of all, unlike individual extensions, you can apply magnetics all by yourself without the need for professional assistance. Just on a whim or whenever you actually need, you can change the way you look like in a matter of seconds by just putting a pair on. It will require some trial and error at first, as you want to find out what is the most suitable way to apply them on yourself.


Magnetic lashes, as their name suggest, feature a magnet that keeps the fake eyelash lined up upon your natural lash line (don’t forget to apply the special eyeliner first). Some models also come in sandwiches, where you clip the upper strip first and then apply the lower strip beneath your lash line allowing them to lock on each other with your natural lashes in-between. There are also other types of reusable lashes that instead of magnets, use an adhesive or glue that needs to be applied on the strip (before patching it on your lashes) so it stays put, which will need to be gently cleaned if you want to wear them again.

The great thing about magnetic lashes is that they are pretty low maintenance, an affordable option which also allows for a lot of flexibility, and pretty durable. And on top of that, they not only feel lightweight but also very soft: gorgeous all the way!

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